Shifts and Transitions

20 Nov

When I first met you, I had no clue you’d be what you are to me right now.

I’d see you walking along, and it would mean absolutely nothing. Sometimes we’d even walk past each other, and a minute later, I couldn’t even remember you walked by.

Each time I saw the face, I could only remember the owner of this face had a lot to do around. Only what exactly he was doing and how he was doing whatever he was doing meant nothing to me.

Neither for special FX, nor pride, nor arrogance, nor rudeness. It was just about..

Minding your own biz.
Having too much of your own stuff to think about.
Letting people be. There are a lot of people in this world. Let each person do their thing.

But one day, I found that my friend was also your friend. Serendipity. I spotted my friend in the distance. I walked up and found you there. Then, my friend introduced us to each other. As he did, I though, “Do we need any introductions? We walk by each other all the time.” But then I just smiled, stretched out my hand. Firm grip. “Nice to meet you.”

Days later, staggering into the cafeteria tired and famished, I looked up in time to catch you smiling at me. I walked over to your table, drew a chair and sat. “Boy, I’m so tired, I need fooood.” At this, you laughed “do you even cook at all?” A lively convo began and soon enough, I wasn’t hungry anymore.

Then I found we had more in common.
He’s a deft keyboardist.
He could put you in a virtual realm talking with you.
He would make you see his words.
You can hear his paintings.
You can smell his music.
You can chew his charm.

..and to think that just days back we would walk past each other without as little as a raised eyebrow and a nod…

A lot of people who right now mean the world to me were once complete strangers – people I never once thought I would ever have anything to do with.

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