a thought about hell..

10 Nov

It’s the kind of topic we would prefer to forget.
Yet it’s the kind of topic we should constantly put before us. Most religious people believe hell actually exists, but choose to put it away from their minds. It’s just convenient.

If, someday, everyone will exit this plane and enter into one of two places in eternity – heaven or hell, isn’t it OK for us to think about this all the time?

I’m not suggesting your mind should be preoccupied with evil. The topic should ring in our consciousness all the time in a way that drives us to make informed decisions about where our final home would be in Foreverland. It should also drive us to spread the word – not in a bid to scare folks – but out of love and compassion.

If you feel God is too merciful to banish the same people he created to an eternity in hell, do not wait to experience it to be convinced.

He gave us the ability to choose. And that is why every human will be responsible for their own eternal lot.

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