21 Aug

I had a really terrible dream last night.
I dreamt I lost someone very dear to me.

I lay down on the carpet and cried and cried wondering about the reality, the reality that the person was actually gone.

I logged into the feelings of people who have lost loved ones. “So, this is how terrible it is..” Sad doesn’t even describe it.

I asked my bro, “how did it happen” to which he replied, “It was an accident involving a controller-general’s car. She went out to loosen her hair.”

I cried and cried, “.. if she knew, she’d have just stayed at home..” It was a really terrible thing.

Then I thought about my parents, my siblings, how they are taking the news. I thought about myself, “So, I have just joined the league of people who have lost a family member???” I wondered if I was lax about praying for my siblings’ safety.
The dream was so real. It appeared to last forever.

Then I woke. So grateful was I that it was just a dream.
Next step, I prayed it off. She will not die.

Why did I have such a weird dream as this? My mind wasn’t preoccupied about death, so why?

Perhaps, all it’s purpose was to give an alert. I do not joke with dreams.
I treated it and laid it to rest.


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