How to Effectively Waste a Whole Day (Without Stress)

12 Aug

If you went to the movie club and rented a video.. Or, if you stumbled across a video on youtube.. Or, if you went to a friend’s house on a saturday afternoon and he was watching a movie..
If the movie title was Kill Time, would it, or would it not draw your attention?

Next, you ask who and who starred.
Answer: Arnold Chiari vs Bence-Jones.

Of course you’ve never heard those names in your entire life.. But erm, they sure sound like a lot of action, particularly the Arnold Chiari. So you nod vigorously “yes, yes..” Coupled with the fact that there’s “Kill” in the title, ahhh.. this is a must watch.
You’re not even paying any attention to the other word in the title, “Time”. Worse, you’re not calm enough to combine both words and try to bring out any logic. You did not notice this other word is not Bill, or Zone, or Arranger, or Assignment or any other of those..

“Kill Time
Except you see it as “Time to Kill”, why should Kill + Time sound like action to anyone?
The “kill” factor has blinded you and you sit to see the movie – popcorn-in-cup-in-hand.

Reeeeally veeeery interesting movie.

See? There's a gun.

Sorry to disappoint, I saw that movie only last friday and it was indeed full of ACTION.


N, myself, B, K, and other friends were in front of Mr. Coordinator’s office.

We had been there for hours waiting for Coordinator to finish with the guest (guestS probably) with him.
Dude had instructed us to meet him by 9am. Here we were at about 1pm still waiting.

Naturally, we found ways to kill time.

Topic: Buggati Veyron. Over thirty minutes of active, lively, vociferous, boisterous (pardon the combo) convo saturated the air – all about the Veyron. By the way, the Veyron is the fastest car in the world right now. Interesting topic.
^^ I do not remember hearing a girl’s voice. It was [strictly] guy talk. Even Aii the rapper didn’t let out a word.

Topic: Foods from Edo. Here, Aii led the discussion. I didn’t participate much. I only heard a lot. Besides, it was largely a two way conversation. Now, there were micro-clusters of 2-3 people per cluster freely ranting on every possible topic. Central idea: Kill Time.

Topic: Make money.. Exchange rates, wired transfers.. blah

Topic: Movies.. Here, we got to see that a few of us were very very much current with movie trends. Actors names flew around generously. I score myself 48.9% in this field.

Topic: Coordinator’s wasting our time. How a whole day is about to go down wasted.
It was about 4pm and we were still waiting.
A few of us left. The rest of us waited. We kept killing time actively. We had to.

A laptop was on, sitting on a table. We crowded round – talked about the weird photos – Guns and bullets, fighter jets and hypersonics, heart transplant, unexpected baby delivery on the sidewalk, blah.. 5pm. Some more of us left.

Next, videos. Green fuels and conserving our planets bio-resource, etc.

Well past 5pm, coordinator emerged, we had a 15 minute meeting and, and.. That was it. That was it?! :/

End of movie.

We DO NOT look forward to seeing a part two for such movies as these.

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