SullenAngryn’Down [SAD]

07 Aug

S A D – that’s how I felt several minutes back. So I turned to:

My long walk on a lone stretch.
I found out only a few weeks ago that I liked to walk on that lone stretch. Headphones in place, I would get on the gutter and.. walk..
Surely, I felt better.

My cousin Chidinma would get on twitter and tweet all her worries, grievances, sadness, illnesses, anxieties, annoyances, upsets, fears, out. I used to do that too.. Y’know, it does help sometimes.
Only I didn’t get on twitter this time. I updated a status on BBM, “Boy, inu mi o dun at all (Boy, I’m not happy at all)”. I felt slightly better just updating that.

Chewing some groundnuts.
As I sauntered along that lone stretch, I munched g-nuts. That in itself contributed to making me feel better.

I thought about the fact that I had too many things to be thankful about.

I thought, “why do humans feel sad atimes? What’s the essence?”
Kinda philosophical ~» “what’s the reality of the nature of feeling sad” and “what’s the nature of the reality of feeling sad?” When I think this way, I tend to just give it all up.

“Dear God, I’m not happy at all. Make me feel better”. That’s the single most important thing I did about my sad mood.

Marcus saw my stat on BBM and asked, “bro, what’s up.” The convo that followed did a lot to raise my mood.

So, what then?
We do get sad every now and then,

It aint worth it staying sad sir.

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