Can you be late to your own wedding?

07 Jul

It’s all about this sickness called African Time.

A wedding was announced to start at 10am. 10am, the bride’s nowhere to be found.
10:10am, the pastor is on the pulpit.. Still, Miss Bride’s still chilling at wherever.

Fine, I know this is a universal bug as far as Africa, particularly Nigeria, is concerned. But it explains a few things.

It explains why we’re still so underdeveloped.
It explains what value we place on people and time.
It explains that we are actually not prepared for the event in question.
It explains deceit (albeit non-overt).

It explains a lot more..


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One response to “Can you be late to your own wedding?

  1. alexoluwatayo

    July 7, 2012 at 8:57 am

    You’re right , Among so many other things, the #Africantime culture is responsible for so much menace in the African world.
    The attitude to live the right way, putting other people’s plights into consideration, before we act is chiefly a point where the line has been drawn between our world and the developed world.
    Most Africans falls culprit of this. Not even leaders at various social strata are exempted. Sadly no concerted effort is geared towards turning back this tide that has silently affected the way we do things and highlighted how much zeal we have towards things we do.


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