How I Spent Children’s Day

04 Jun

A week ago today was Children’s day..

It was the simplest of assignments, yet one of the most fulfilling.

As regards church work, if I wasn’t with the music department, I’d be either in the Media and Publicity team or in the Technical team or if (only if) possible, I would be in two or three of them.. I could also be in the Children’s Department.
Some years ago, I was a primary school teacher. I had little kids in the range of 5-8 years old in my class. Except for the stress, I loved my work.

But (not unfortunately), my work in the Music Department is a full-time job. I can’t possibly combine it with any other work, if I’d be productive.

The Children’s Day availed me the opportunity to be with little children, even if it was for just two days.

I’m not sure I’ve quite described HOW I spent the Children’s Day anyways. Summary’s that we performed some cool music during the church service to the delight of the congregation.

The time I took out to serve in this capacity paid me more than a million bucks worth of fulfilment.

Sweet dreams fellas.

*drops mic and walks off the stage*

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