Why Must We Kill Ourselves?

27 May

This is not about wars and human-to-human violence.

It’s a non-violent way we’ve found to kill ourselves, steadily and without stress.

I was in a public transport bus today. Three-quarter-ways into the journey, some burnt stuff started smelling.. The driver stopped and checked round. I had thought his radiator needed some water. He thought not. I guess the problem was a familiar one to him.

We moved on and soon the driver hinted his brakes had taken a break. I plainly wanted to be sure, so I asked, “You mean your brakes are not working?” He gave me an unruffled “yes.”

Pray, how does a driver get a vehicle with no brakes on the road? Scary enough, I was in the front seat.

Very simple. We know our actions, inactions, attitude to people and safety are generally lax and dangerous. If anything went wrong and an accident happened, would we blame blood-sucking demons and witches?

Dude’s probably used to driving his bus around with all kinds of problems with it unattended to. He is his own (and his passengers’) danger.

I hear some of them feel they could afford to drive recklessly because they’ve “insured” themselves with all kinds of charms.

Even though I’m certain about my own safety – goes beyond the physical – I shouldn’t be lax in attitude and put my life in avoidable danger.

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