Our evil tendencies..

22 May

Had a really long day out today. Got back home about thirty minutes ago.
I was getting out of the car when I heard a little girl crying along the dirt road in front of my house. Instinctively I looked in her direction. Since it was dark, I couldn’t see her well. But I could make out another figure walking closely beside her – another little girl, slightly taller than the first. “Sisters”, I thought.

As they walked along, the bigger sister was intermittently spanking her younger sister, apparently for no reason.

“Kai!” I shouted at her as I walked towards them both. They both stopped. I flashed a torch on the tormentor, “What has your sister done? Why are you making her cry?” to which she responded with a mischievous smile. She then chuckled softly. Then I saw she was making her sister cry just for the raw fun of it. E V I L ! ! ! She couldn’t even be up to ten years old.

I made her apologise to her younger sister. She did – in a way that made me feel the bashing was still going to continue.. when, of course I wouldn’t be there.

As I walked back towards my house, I remembered a conversation I had with two of my friends some hours back about how we humans are naturally inclined towards evil.

We need God to save us from our selves.

Sweet dreams fellas.


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2 responses to “Our evil tendencies..

  1. adeniyi ranti

    May 22, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    None is good,Jesus says.I don’t think children r born with a clean board.we all are predisposed 2 do evil.good one,again, ayo

    • Eit Neves

      May 22, 2012 at 10:54 pm

      I agree with you completely. Thanks so much for the encouragement sir.


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