Are they naturally disadvantaged by that?

21 May

By what? By their sex
Who are they? Females.

Is it then a disadvantage? I don’t think so. Some people think it is..

There are a lot of people who feel they shouldn’t be the sex they are – in many different senses:

Some feel the opposite sex is more privileged judging by certain parameters.

A different and more advanced sense to it is that there are also people who actually believe they are a different sex than what their physical body manifests.
We don’t need half a brain to see that’s a disorder. That’s absolutely not normal.

In my honest opinion, generally speaking, in a sense, the both sexes are equally advantaged using all possible parameters to judge. But funny, I could still turn around and prove this ain’t true, looking at the issue from yet a different perspective.

Break it down for today –
In this clime (and of course other climes) a girl who likes a guy should can do almost nothing but keep liking him. She can’t do much to make a relationship happen. She can only stare at him and smile. She can’t walk up and try to set things straight verbally.
Public opinion says it’s the guy who must always chase the girl, not the other way round.
But I’ve caught many a girl crushed on a guy. Dude may not even have the littlest idea some girl’s crushed on him. He keeps living his life – girl stalking him around private detective style.

Less than a week ago I still saw this at play. I just sat back and smiled. Should she try let dude know she wants him? Would it be wrong? “What would he think of me? Wouldn’t it mean I’m portraying me I’m worthless?”
If wanting a guy means you’re a slut, then most women are (or were once) sluts. Of course I don’t go with that idea. A girl doing the asking out ain’t a big deal and it certainly doesn’t mean she’s less than who she is.

There’s little you can do about body language. You just exude it naturally. A sensitive dude knows when a girl’s crushed on him. How? Why? It’s written all over every square inch of your body. It doesn’t mean every guy will take the lead and act, even if they do love you back.

There are cases where the girl found a way to express her feelings (I hate that word) and a loving relationship started as a result.
There are more (I believe) other cases where the girl just wouldn’t “express” and she forever lost dude.

^^ all the above are a collection of random thoughts.

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One response to “Are they naturally disadvantaged by that?

  1. adeniyi ranti

    May 21, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    Which ever way,let d message b that they will not miss each other.ayo this is a gd piece.keep writing


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