A Spirit in My Bathroom

22 Apr

Days ago on a morning, I got in the bath and got washing.
My phone’s music player was on, blasting away.
The song that was playing hadn’t finished when, suddenly, it was interrupted by another song – from the same phone.
This song played for a few seconds then all of a sudden the initial song started playing, interrupting the second song. I wondered what was happening. Why was it flipping wildly between two songs? I was alone in the bathroom so there wasn’t any question of anybody flipping any dials.

Soon enough, song 2 resumed again cutting the first song, then song one interrupted song two again.. and the cycle continued for a while. I could almost conclude my phone had developed a mind of it’s own. At that point, my mind went wild with all kinds of imagination. What exactly was happening? There was lather all over me so I didn’t bother going over to take a look at the phone. I just continued bathing, a little alarmed.

As the crazy deejaying continued, I started wondering if there was a spirit in there with me toying with my phone. I just couldn’t find any other explanation for why a phone would behave that way. The thought got me a little scared as I felt more certain that there was some spirit person fiddling with buttons on phone.

Soon enough, my bath was over. I dried up and reached for the phone. “5 missed calls”. That explained it. The queer thing’s just that the phone chose to pick a random song from my collection as the ring tone.

Did that then eliminate the thought that a spirit was in that bathroom with me when my phone was “autodeejaying”?

Even if He wasn’t the one toying with my phone (and I know He wasn’t), a Spirit was right there in that bathroom.

He’s an omnipresent Spirit
He’s a Spirit you can’t hide from
He’s a Spirit that knows all your thoughts from afar
He’s a Spirit who sees right through the very self of you

He is God and He’s everywhere at the same time.

“I can never escape from your spirit! I can never get away from your presence!
..I could ask the darkness to hide me and the light around me to become night – but even in darkness I cannot hide from you..”

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