Lessons from my tie-and-dye

14 Apr

Now, what lessons can I learn from my adire (tie-and-dye)?! It came out of the soapy waters (of life) triumphant. So will I. 🙂

My mama sent me two nice tie-and-dye tops. I rocked them both this past week. I had been scared to wash my new tops. I simply didn’t want them to fade. Much as I didn’t want to wash them, I had to.

So, I got some soapy water and put my adire in it. I washed gently. Some colour came off but on the whole, it still looked good. It probably looks more beautiful now than when it was new. It’s akin to how denim “matures” after one or two washes.

Despite the wear and tear that life’s brought on her, a twenty-one year old woman’s surely more beautiful than when she was a new-born.
Aged wine definitely tastes better.
Fermented “burukutu” is definitely stronger. One shot and you’re sprawling on the floor.
When I get a new jeans, I wear it around the house so it stretches and loses that touch of it being new. I like my jeans better when they’re old and faded.

In the same way,
Love in relationships should grow as the relationship ages regardless of the familiarity that sets in. Your wife should look more beautiful at 60, grey hair, wrinkles and all.
We grow wiser through the hardships we face. We come out stronger.
When we make a mistake, we learn one more way things shouldn’t be done.
Faith in God becomes stronger as we experience tests and trials.

It’s just the natural effect that ageing has on these things. I’m trying to see the good effects that everyday wear-and-tear has on people and things.
The more wear-and-tear we experience in life, the better we should come off.

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