“you’re the one who’s actually mad”

10 Apr

That’s what a mad man would say to a sane person.

There’s this mad fellow who roams around your neighbourhood. He constitutes so much of a nuisance that you and your neighbours organise to apprehend him and hand him over to the appropriate authorities.
After some planning, you surround him. You catch him and he begins struggling to break free. “Mad man, calm down!” You shout. On hearing this, he relaxes and turns to whoever just called him a mad man. He laughs “It’s you who’s actually mad, not me.” You roll your eyes thinking the mad man’s said that in retaliation. Just so you know he means what he’s just said he boldly points at you and says again. “I mean it, you’re mad and you don’t know it.” He says a few unintelligible things and concludes his speech with a quote from George Washington.
You can see that the mad man means it when he says you are the one who is actually mad.

From your viewpoint, he’s the mad person. From his view, he can see MAD written all over you.
The question then is, “who is actually mad”?

That’s just what society has become.
Insanity has become sanity.
Sanity has become insanity.

The pressure’s all around and the sane person may lose confidence and begin to feel like he’s the one who’s insane. Why? It’s because the insane outnumber the sane. A lot of people fall out of the right path because of the pressure to feel among.

I agree it’s difficult to maintain tough principles not to err but in the end, it’ll be clear to everyone that it’s actually well worth it.

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One response to ““you’re the one who’s actually mad”

  1. Mena-Wisdom E.

    April 22, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    Wow! What a lesson…


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