Showed Gpa a “cool” feature on his phone.

06 Apr

I certainly made my grandpa’s day this morning. I showed him a feature on his phone address book he didn’t know was there. I showed him how to not waste time when searching for a contact.

If the contact started with an alphabet closer to Z eg., Veronica, he could start scrolling upwards from Z instead of having to scroll a long way down from A (which had been his style). My grandpa was so glad he shouted, “Praise the Lord..” I smiled “Hallelujah” as I rolled my eyes in my mind.

To Gpa, that was an achievement. To me, whatever. While the tendency is to despise whatever was happening, I chose to learn from it. What, to you, is a big deal, is mincemeat to somebody else. What, to you, is not a big deal is a huge task to some other person.
My grandfather’s apparent weakness came to the fore only because we were dealing with technology. Then, I could easily shine (or outshine). If we were to judge who was smarter based on some other parameter, he’d definitely beat me pants down.

Remember, you can’t be better than everybody else at everything else.

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