“hatred for nafdac..” (sic)

05 Apr

I needed to use a pen. I searched around the house till I found my brother in a bedroom, sleeping soundly. I roused him from his sleep, called his name and asked where his pen was. “..hatred for.. nafdac” was his response. Clearly, he wasn’t fully awake yet. Hatred for nafdac? What had he been dreaming? I laughed. Even though I knew he wasn’t fully awake, I engaged him. “Hatred for nafdac?” to which he replied, “there’s no minus..”
“What minus?” I asked.
He replies, “I mean they don’t minus anything..”
I tried to think. We (he and myself) had, just hours ago, debated about whether the Matriculation Board used negative marking or not when scoring exam sheets. Could that be what he meant by “there’s no minus”?
Except for that, his replies made zero sense. But of course I understood. He was in-between full somnolence and full consciousness. In this state, at best, he could only talk nonsense. Any rubbish would pass. Something like this:

Or this:

So so funny I laughed, “Samuel wake up. You’re sleep-talking..”

The clinical correlate in real life is this:
When we’re not (fully) CONSCIOUS about what life truly should mean, our response would similarly be nonsensical. When you live in fantasies, you’re bound to react like a drunken fella who can’t even remember his own name.

Wake up to the realities of life. Be informed. Keep your senses alert and respond with God’s wisdom. If you lack wisdom, ask. God will freely supply you with all the wisdom you need if you ask Him (James 1:5).
Just as I engaged my brother even though I knew he wasn’t fully awake, life will engage you whether you’re clear-eyed or drowsy. You will HAVE TO respond whether or not you’re ready. Your response to life would keep making no meaning until you snap out of your drowsy state. Come out of your dreamy comfort zone. Face your situation, clear-eyed.
Take charge!

W A K E U P . . .

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