You’re the man!

03 Apr

Over the period of time when there were multiple bombings in various northern cities in Nigeria by the Boko Haram sect, a most insensitive way to hail your homie would be to tell him “You’re the BOMB”..
All you’ll probably achieve is to generate some unnecessary panic and tension.

Scenario one
Friend: You tha man
You: Yo ma niggi..
Friend: You tha main man!
You: #GrinsAndFeelsOnTopOfTheWorld

Scenario two
Police: You tha man (we’ve been searching for, lol)
You: erm.. #LowersHeadInShame

2 Samuel 12:7
“You’re the man!” is certainly a pleasant phrase to hear. You feel hip and cool when someone points both hands at you and voices that sentence. You’d probably respond by throwing both hands up and saying “hey yo!” You know..
I found that a sentence may mean a lot of different things depending on the context within which it’s used. So, you can imagine how David felt when Nathan told (more like ‘accused’) him with that same sentence, “You’re the man”. David certainly didn’t feel fly. He didn’t pop his collar, throw both hands up and say, “hey yo, Nath..” Instead, David broke down and became sorrowful. God was accusing him of his sins. David’s response? He humbled himself and pleaded for forgiveness.

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