Cruising headlong into the darkness..

31 Mar

Night driving’s never been my thing. Particularly here where streetlights hardly work, it’s very easy to understand the plight of road users at night. The glare from cars coming in the opposite direction only makes things worse. It seems many of these drivers have no clue their headlights could be switched between “dim” and full beam. They just keep it on full beam full-time.

I try as much as possible to avoid driving at night. For me, night driving and blind faith have a lot of things in common. The truth is, there are times when, for many seconds, I don’t see anything. I don’t see the road, I don’t see the car(s) in front of me.. All I see is bright lights (not like in an out-of-body experience though). When I can see a bit well, I use vague landmarks and tail lights of vehicles ahead to keep on the road. I just keep faith alive that I’m right on my path.

My response varies from extreme caution, where I slow down to almost zero, to near-nonchalance, where I just keep moving, caring nothing to slow down. There are those times when I even step on the gas a little more – worries in the trash. I just go with my instincts “calculating” to maintain the right locus with the vaguest of parameters.

A few hours ago, I had to drop my gfolks off at some place for a meeting because their driver had asked me to help out. He had told me he wouldn’t see well because it was already dark (about 8pm). After dropping them, I headed back home alone. Even though I couldn’t see the road clearly, you’d pass if you said I was on a racecourse.

Happy new month.
Drive safely. 🙂
Ow, I stumbled on this article. It houses tips on driving safely at night.

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