What do you know about Germanic Ammonites?

28 Mar

Imagine you’re in an exam. The first and only problem in the question booklet reads, “Write a comprehensive essay about the cumulative effects of sea squirt discharge on the brain chemistry of germanic ammonites”. You read the question again sloooowly to be sure you’re not hallucinating. You blink thrice to be certain you’re not dreaming, then.. the brain simple freezes. The big Q: where do you start from?
You know just as much about yourself and the world around you “as you do about the cumulative effects of sea squirt discharge on the brain chemistry of Germanic ammonites”. When I saw the above phrase on a web design tutorial site, I couldn’t help but laugh. What in the world are germanic ammonites? It makes zero sense to me.

The author on the website started a fresh web design tutorial topic, “CSS”. The author stated he would assume the reader knows so much about CSS as he knows about “..germanic ammonites”. In other words, the author is assuming you don’t know anything about CSS and therefore he’ll teach you everything from the scratch.
I don’t know anything about germanic ammonites (if any such thing even exists), and in the same way, what we humans know about ourselves and our universe is next to nothing (despite all we’ve discovered).

We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface. There’s still too much about the human body that we don’t know despite all the medical discoveries that have been made.
There’s a lot of stuff about our immediate world and the distant universe we can’t fathom.
There are bird species that migrate for thousands of kilometres across continents every year and arrive just where they should. Magic?
How do certain fish species migrate to and from specific spawning locations in the oceans every breeding season with accuracy?
Just what do we know about the human brain? Almost nothing.
Could there be life on Mars?
Do intelligent species live far away in distant galaxies?
What exactly’s happening in the center of the sun?
How exactly does our hair grow?
What’s the exact cause of Alzheimer’s?
How are our experiences and memories represented in our brain?
If the universe is constantly expanding, into where is it expanding? Means there’s some “space” outside our universe?
Our world is full of mysteries we will never be able to solve. What does that portend to us? Should we be scared?

I’m human and I don’t know so much. What I do know is that I know the One who knows everything. Because He knows every and all things, my lack of knowledge means little if not nothing. Al-iz-well..

“What are Germanic Ammonites?”


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2 responses to “What do you know about Germanic Ammonites?

  1. Darth Milhous

    September 1, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Oddly, I got here because I Googled “Germanic ammonites” as a result of visiting the very same web design site… haven’t actually started the CSS tutorial, so I still remain ignorant on both subjects. On the way, I have found out that ammonites are extinct, so my fears for them regarding Sea Squirt discharge are somewhat alleviated. I found a page that discussed Sea Squirts in German… now all I have to do is learn German to understand it. That, too, will delay my acquisition of knowledge regarding CSS. Should have probably left this at “I dunno” and been done with it, but now I am on a life long quest for the answer. I don’t feel I can ever move forward on CSS without a complete understanding of Sea Squirt discharge and what effect they could have had on Germanic Ammonites were some still alive.. Sigh.

    • Germanic Ammonites

      June 14, 2013 at 6:09 pm

      same here… i feel you :-\


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