The Things They Do For Love

27 Mar

I’ve met all kinds of women – married and unmarried.
I’ve marvelled at how they are wired to act.
I’ve been surprised at how they’re inclined to respond to situations in seemingly illogical ways.
I’ve wondered at how they are hard-coded to react to men’s various attitudes with seeming naïvete.
Their reasoning, actions and reactions could make you perceive them as silly and laughable, illogical and unreasonable.

Do they possess unlimited capacity to love and commit even when they are not loved in return?
Are they made to be natural forgivers or they are just naïve?
It seems to me they’re naturally vulnerable to men’s sweet talk. After making her cry, all he needs do is present a rose in apology. She would put both hands on his chest, look softly into his eyes and mutter through the tears, “are you sure you will never hurt me again?” Then she believes the strife is over but soon, another episode begins. Virtually all women are like this. In this regard, women are so like babies.. soft and tender.

I believe they’ve been made by God to reason and act this way. They absorb all kinds of inhuman gestures from their husbands. They conceal all the hurt with a smile. Their hearts are broken, yet they dote on their husbands and make him feel like the king which (in my opinion) he’s not.
Ogochukwu eventually paid the ultimate price in her bid to give and find love in a home headed by her cruel husband. It seems really unwise that she still continued to pour her love on him – all her love, from a heart he had broken over and over. Ogochukwu was just being a woman with her inexhaustible patience. She remained committed to Kevin (purely without logic). That’s who a woman is.

Make no mistake, there are countless other women who are right now suffering in their homes just as Ogo suffered. Through their suffering, they still fix breakfast for their husbands. They still do his laundry. They still cater to his sexual needs. They still try to talk him out of the stress at work. They still beam with smiles and welcome him when he gets back from work. They try to contain the strife in themselves – for their children’s sake (and for other reasons known to God and them). Little wonder many of them come down with psychosomatic disorders. Oh, the things that women do for love.
No logic can explain this except to say God made women to be mothers not just to their children but to their husbands as well. I guess that’s why they can soak up all the immaturity and cruelty and yet respond with love.

Having wondered about these things over and over, I can only conclude that there’s some wiring placed in women by God which makes them able to take all the stretching and yet not tear apart.


This piece is a tribute to Ogochukwu Onuchukwu.

Rest In Peace Ogochukwu.

Rest In Peace Ogochukwu.

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