Romancing With Death (A sequel)

26 Mar

He had this flair for foreign chics. All around him were Israelite women he could pick a date from. His heart was set about what he wanted – a “Philistino”. His parents tried to make him see reason. Samson just wouldn’t listen.
The law of Moses wasn’t liberal enough to permit marriage between an Israelite and a foreigner – particularly people from any of the wicked nations around Israel. God had specifically warned against this kind of relationship. Any regular Israelite should follow this law, how much more a citizen who had been consecrated to God since birth to be a nazirite. Samson just couldn’t be constrained by any law

Even when it was obvious that Delilah meant him evil, he still courted her.
My father would liken it to seeing the early stages of cancer in your breast and allowing the cancer to grow and spread. It will eventually become uncontrollable and unmanageable. So, why not do a radical mastectomy? R A D I C A L. . Remove it!

Samson just couldn’t see. He had been blinded. Clearly, this woman meant him no good. She had tried to test and find the source of his strength. She needed to know his secret so she could incapacitate him and give him over to his enemies. When he gave a false answer, she would act on the answer and say, “Samson, the philistines are upon you.” Samson would break loose.. then they would have another episode, then another, and another. I mean, he was joking and having fun with the very thing that would eventually destroy him. It’s like when one is under a spell.

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