What’s sugary about sugar daddies (and mummies)?

20 Mar

[Hey yo, I wanna rap!]
They got the dough (and sometimes the flo)
They may or may not still have their original spouse(s)
They enlist the service(s) of sex partners [far] younger than they are
In return for sexual gratification, they “take care” of the enlisted “service personnel”. . .
[Does the above look or sound like lines from a rap song?!] No? Ok, rap over. Let’s do some plain talking.

While I can’t believe the players of the game don’t know what they’re doing is wrong, I want to just think they’ve found ways to hush their consciences.
They don’t wanna see themselves as exploiting the other. “At least, I’m paying his bills, let him also rub my back..”
Or “fine, she’s young enough to be my daughter.. But I’m taking care of her schooling needs and other stuff.” The younger partner could think “I’m not stealing her (or his) money. I’m delivering the required service which of course is not free.”

It’s a rub-my-back-I-rub-yours game where the last thing that exists is love. All that the younger person in the relationship wants are money, other material things and perhaps just the raw thrill of “doing” an older person. In fact, he (or she) may have the belief that he’s the one actually benefiting from the other. “I’ll have free sex, then I get paid” he’ll think. He may even up his game with the use of charms (particularly here in Africa) to milk his “maga” more efficiently.
On the other hand the older partner could also have the feeling that he (or she) is the one actually exploiting the younger. A sugar mama could feel like the reservoir where the young man dumps his energy. Here, energy should be taken to mean the very essence of the guy’s manhood – the force that drives his life. Money’s no problem so she has no issues giving him all the money he wants in return. From her POV, she’s the one benefiting, not the younger partner.

There’s the belief that it’s a very shameful game. What kinda man would shamelessly have sex with a girl young enough to be his last daughter? It sounds unthinkable.
As unthinkable as it sounds, more and more people are logging into it. More young, broke (though not necessarily) people search out willing older partners who will support them financially in return for sex.

Though both partners think they’re the one benefiting at the expense of the other, I would say, neither is benefiting jack! They’re both losing.
Now, broadening my scope to cover all forms of sex outside marriage – If people really knew what sex was, they wouldn’t do it outside marriage. Now you’re asking, “what is it about sex that we do not already know?” It’s a lot of talk I’m not going to dabble into right now. I’ll just say, sex is much more than the physical contact between two partners on fire. Sex, is, not, just… sex. It’s a binding of spirits. If that’s not scary enough, we’ll dissect the topic more.. in a later post.

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