“Why do random people love cheating in a relationship??”

18 Mar

The above topic was chosen for me by @tee_Omoba on twitter.

I got back home from church this afternoon rather tired. I took a siesta which was interrupted twice by knocks on my front door. After trying to get back to sleep again without success, I accepted my immediate fate – no sleep. I still felt kinda woozy as I turned to my Twitter. I went through the feeds then I just got the desire to do some blogging. I had quite a number of topics already developed in my thotbook waiting to be published but I wanted none of them for the now. So I tweeted asking for any random topic from anyone. That’s how I got the topic of this post. @tee_Omoba had deliberately added the word “random” to the topic because I had used the same word when I asked for suggestions. I had tweeted “Wanna do a random blog today. Just gimme a topic.. Anyone?” So, there the topic is, uneditted.
I’ll just say what I honestly think of the subject. I’m not an expert in the field. I got my own questions too. Please drop your comments. Enjoy.

First, do people really LOVE cheating in a relationship? While I’m certain there are people who LOVE the game, I believe there are many others who, though they cheat, do not actually love it.

Second, why then do people cheat?
People cheat for all kinds of reasons. Some do it for the pure (erm.. impure rather) fun of it. They just want to prove it to themselves and/or friends that they can have their way with members of the opposite sex regardless of the fact that they’re currently in a relationship. That’s on one extreme. On the other extreme is this: There are folks who would have nothing to do with cheating (of course, until they cheat). They may have come under overwhelming pressure to fall. That’s not meant to justify them anyways. In this category, the cheat has not schemed to be unfaithful. They respect their significant other well enough to not hurt their feelings and to not attempt doing anything that will threaten the relationship. But for many reasons I can’t start dissecting right now, they end up cheating.

When you read or hear the word “cheat”, what comes to your mind is usually not “cheating in an exam”. You readily think about that age-old “game” that threatens romantic relationships. Now, why are our minds inclined to think this way? #justasking
Also, when someone begins to talk about cheating, your mind most times reflexly points at the male in the relationship as the culprit. Are women not equally as guilty? Are they not even more guilty? Lol, I’m not being chauvinistic here. These are harmless questions.

Above are a few of my opinions. They are just my views and I stand to be corrected about them. Below are more of my views about which I DO NOT STAND TO BE CORRECTED.

Cheating on your spouse is not (and can never be) a virtue.
No excuse can justify cheating on your spouse.
Every person has the ability to not cheat if they so decide. With God’s help, all things are possible. Mark 10:27.
Cheating puts your relationship (and of course, you) in more peril than you realize.
Cheating marks you guilty before the Judge of all the earth.

See? The devil's in her usual black.

See? The devil’s in her usual black.

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