The world through the eyes of a dying man

16 Mar

People who are just about to die – who know death is inevitable and imminent suddenly realize what life’s true meaning should be. Many are overwhelmed with regret knowing fully well they can’t change anything about what their lives had been. They’ll suddenly see with utmost clarity what God’s purpose for the human life is. Only then, little if anything, can be done.

I keep thinking about how the things I feel are too important right now will mean next-to-nothing to me when I’m about to die. While there’s still time, I’ll strive to figure what those things are that will be of utmost importance to me when the time comes to bow out.

As young aspiring people, we tend to get enthusiastic about amassing all the things that have zero value to our souls and spirits. We pay too much attention to things that appeal and cater to the needs and pleasures of the flesh, caring nothing about the hunger and yearning of our spirits. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we’re primarily spirit beings. We only live in a body of flesh for the now. Our bodies will not live forever but our spirits will. A lot of us know these facts but we do not let it ring through our consciousness enough to let us live life meaningfully and fully. From cradle to grave, we toil and labour, get into and out of relationships, climb up and down the success ladder then in the end conclude life’s got no iota of meaning. This reminds me of King Solomon who, by how we humans measure success, was perhaps the most successful person who ever lived. He had a thousand women who would come running at the snap of a finger to satisfy his fleshly passions. If success really was about how many chics (or dudes) hang around you constantly, Solomon was far more successful than you’ll ever be! The Bible tells us Solomon had more wealth than any of the kings who ruled before him. Despite these facts, he knew something was missing. Life wasn’t meant to be about the abundance of one’s possessions. He knew he was alive, but he just wasn’t LIVING. His words testify to the emptiness he felt in his soul. “Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.” It means even if you rise high enough to be as wealthy as he was (which likely will not even happen anyways.. not a curse) your life will still be very meaningless if you do not find life’s true purpose. The human spirit keeps seeking to fulfil the true purpose for which God created it. It cares nothing about and gains nothing from your aspirations to acquire all the “acquirables” in this fleeting life. The spirit (which is the real YOU) derives no edification nor gratification nor joy from all these thing. That explains why even the richest of men still feel empty and unfulfilled even though they have everything money can buy. Note that I’m not against acquiring earthly possessions and material wealth. I only plead that you see that these are not the reasons why God put us on this earth and they will never fill the void in our souls.

Our youthful exuberance, vigour and immersion into social and corporate circles dampens out this constant seeking for life’s true meaning by our spirits. When we get back to our closets, our spirits’ constant cry rings out to us again, “what, what, what am I doing on earth? What is my purpose? What is life’s true meaning?” We need to find answers to these questions. A lot of folks parry these questions. They think, “I still got a lot of time to live.” There will come a time when your own mortality will stare you in the face. The questions will then ring forth again, “what single meaning has the sum-total of my life had?” Little can be done then. Not everyone gets the opportunity to see their death coming gradually. Talk about people who die suddenly in road accidents, from heart attacks, electrocutions etc., without an opportunity to review their lives and make one last amendment in preparation for the next world where they would be forever.

Let’s not dampen out our spirits’ constant cry to find life’s true meaning. Since God made all human spirits, He has the answer to our questions. If we ask Him to show us how to live life fully, He gladly will show us. “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly”, says Jesus Christ.

Solomon tried out a number of things in his quest for finding life’s true meaning. He built houses, planted vineyards, acquired women, had fun with wine. He tested himself with all kinds of pleasure. He said in his book The Preacher, “I denied myself nothing my eyes desired; I refused my heart no pleasure.” Still, he concluded, “Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.” Then he arrived at these thoughts: “Remember your creator when you’re still young before the latter years come when you’ll find no pleasure in living. Your bones will be weak.. your teeth will be gone.. your eyes will be dim. Sexual desire will be zero.. You’ll be heading for your eternal home. The dust will return to the ground and the spirit to God who gave it. Now all has been heard. Here’s the conclusion of the matter. Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgement including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.”
. . . . .
“Judge all things as if you saw them from your deathbed”

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