The unbelievable belief that God doesn’t exist.

16 Mar

Very early this morning I stumbled across an atheist’s blog. It was interesting to see that he once was a protestant minister. What made him turn into a faithless person I was curious to know. He was overt in his conviction that God does not exist. He states on his “about” page:

“I am a former Protestant minister currently living in the southeastern USA. I am now an atheist, one who does not hold any belief in any god. If there is any divine or creative entity, I believe that he/she/it is probably conceived most accurately in deist terms. On Richard Dawkins’ 7-point scale of belief, I am a 6. This blog discusses my indoctrination into evangelical Christianity and my escape from that worldview toward a more enlightened, rational position.”

Reading through the comments from viewers that followed, I found that many (who were atheists as well) were glad to have a fellow brother in atheism. A few more who wanted to be more rooted in atheism also expressed delight in meeting one who was once a christian minister, but now has pitched his tent with atheists.
A viewer had this to say,
“Hi, I just found your blog today. I am also an apostate. I was “saved” at 18 and went straight to an independent Baptist Bible college. Upon graduation I went to the infamous Bob Jones University where I earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in Theology. Then I went to Arizona and taught in a Baptist College for 9 years. Sometime during the last year my faith just evaporated. Not overnight but over a period of about a year. I have since left the faith entirely and consider myself an agnostic. Its great to meet you.”
I believe his atheist beliefs were further strengthened by his meeting with a fellow atheist who once was a minister.

What a scary trend. To think someone had gone to bible school, taught in a bible college for nine years, obtained a Phd in Theology, and yet came to conclude that we can not know for sure if God exists.. What went wrong?

Fact: head-knowledge is one thing. Genuine salvation is another. Salvation is a mystery that can’t be fully explained by theology. That’s why it’s very possible to have clergy folks who have several degrees in theology who still drink sin like water. They claim to be ministering to members of their assembly while they themselves are far from salvation. The message of the gospel is simple, so simple the intellectual can’t accept it to be sensible. By human logic and reasoning, finding eternal life shouldn’t be as simple as Jesus says it actually is. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved”.
Acts 16:31. “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12. It’s that simple. We cannot use human logic to analyse God or His ways. As high as the heavens is above the earth, so are God’s ways higher than our ways. If He has provided a simple way by which we sinners can reach him, our part should be to accept His offer of salvation with gratitude and not to try to analyse His actions. We simple can’t analyse God. We lack the capacity to do so.

In his (Mr Atheist’s) blog, he stated there was nothing anyone was going to preach to him that he didn’t already know. He had been a minister himself. It’s more difficult to try to persuade someone like himself who had once been a christian to see the error of his ways. Knowing that his interesting story would spark a lot of arguments and persuasion to him to return to Jesus, he stated firmly he had found his happiness – in a belief that there was no God. True, there were arguments back and forth between atheists and “theists.” The arguments got so heated insults flowed. I read through. A “theist” vented her unhappiness for the fact that a friend of hers converted to atheism with influence from the author. The friend died recently in his atheistic state.
I knew I wasn’t on that atheist’s site to argue and debate whether God exists or not. The last thing I was capable of doing was converting him. Only God could do that. I dropped my comment and walked away:
“The gospel is foolishness to them that perish. But to us who believe, it is the power of God unto salvation.
We can not convince anyone what the truth is – only God can do that.
The fact is EVERYONE will eventually come face to face with reality – the fact that God exists. We will all stand before him in Judgement one day.
I’ll share this quote I heard: it’d be better to live your live as if God exists then find out after life that He doesn’t than to live as if God doesn’t exist then you realize after life that He does exist.”
An atheist replied my comment using some sarcasm. I relplied him telling him how funny his comment was..
“Lol, very funny.
I’m not here to debate the topic.
Everyone gets to see the truth someday. And on that day, nothing can be undone.”

The danger is folks who are not strong in their faith who unfortunately meet this guy and other guys like him could easily fall. Many atheists are “enlightened” intellectuals who have studied and studied and studied. They believe they have facts to prove that they are on the right track. They can sweet-talk you easily into seeing reason with them and you could easily be swayed just listening to them. God’s Word predicted this many centuries ago. We’re warned about end time teachers who will use high-sounding words to deceive many, if possible even the very elect. The error again, is trying to intellectually analyse God and His ways. This inevitably leads to error.

The fact that he had once been not just a church-attending christian but a church leader lends him more credibility to people who need just a little persuasion to fall out of their faith.
. . .


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4 responses to “The unbelievable belief that God doesn’t exist.

  1. Omolola t fashina

    March 16, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Those who dnt believe that God exist are lost 4ever. It takes only the grace of God 4 them to change.

  2. Eit Neves

    March 17, 2012 at 4:05 am

    True word Lola. Everyone will stand before God someday to be judged.

  3. Mctrinidy

    March 17, 2012 at 5:21 am

    The corner stone will be a stumbling block to some, but to others; eternal life. At this end time, let us pray for grace to hold onto our faith. For the gospel of christ is folishness to those who are lost.

    • Eit Neves

      March 18, 2012 at 9:11 pm

      Mmhh, only God can open the eyes of those who can’t see. He has mercy on whomever He chooses to show His mercy.
      May He keep us in His light.


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