Insane looters. Insane followers.

14 Mar

Sometimes I wonder how our politicians think. If we could draw a pictogram of their mind, it’d be like this: a huge chunk (like 66.6%) is voted to corruption – corruption in all it’s various forms. All they think and care about is the enrichment of their own purses. When you hear people who have access to inside info talk about the corruption in the corridors of power, you’ll just feel like puking. Then you wonder if there’s any hope for our dear country. At the Federal, State and Local Government levels, only one thing runs in the brains of most officials: corruption. I mean, do a CT scan of their skulls. It’s corruption. Take a blood sample and examine it under the microscope. What do you find? Corruption. Do an x-ray, ultrasound, MRI.. it’s all corruption you see on the screen. They drink and eat corruption. They breathe and talk corruption. The few righteous people in the systems are far far outnumbered by the corrupt ones. You’re forced to either shut up or join in the madness.

Does it mean our leaders have lost their conscience? Why do they find it so easy to inflate contract figures? They have no issues stashing in foreign banks (for personal use) money meant to be used for developing our land and making our lives better. Does it never cross their minds that the very citizens who voted them to power are locked in a vicious cycle of poverty? Our pensioners are not duly paid their dues yet they keep allocating more and more bread for their own tables. They loot without moderation. They live the lives of multi-billionaires, caring nothing about us. Now, where I live, we don’t have electricity for up to two hours a day. It’s been like that for the past several days. Talk about the lack of basic amenities – fifty plus years after independence. Why? All the money that should have been used to make things work have been stolen by the very people we appointed our rulers. The more insane thing is that they steal far more than they could ever use. You hear of loots in the range of billions of Naira. Pray, what can you ever need such amounts for? They buy several mansions. What do you need twenty houses for? They buy fleets of high-performance cars.. Oh no, it’s just sad. There’s no pride in living large on stolen funds. There the “thief in agbada” is on one extreme. There’s the poor man who lives on less than a dollar a day on the other extreme. These thieves in high places are more wicked and heartless than hired assassins. How could there be so much suffering in the land you govern (and you know it) and yet you keep stealing from the land all the money you do not even need?

Their ‘Foolishnesses’ (instead of their ‘Excellencies’) have forgotten that they will die someday like every other human being. Then, what would be the use of all the loot they’ve amassed? This calls to mind the story of the rich fool in the Bible who amassed so much wealth but didn’t even live to enjoy it. Indeed a lot of these stolen monies are permanently lost to the foreign banks where they’re stowed away.

Officials are not afraid to dip their hands into public funds because they know the anti-corruption agencies are just as stained as they are. They also feel certain the general populace is too dumb to check them. Funny, some of these citizens still suck up to these corrupt politicians. They dance before them and sing their praises. They protest when the law catches up with the very politicians who have set them up for a lifetime of poverty – all for the peanuts they get from time to time. It’s a picture of thanking the rapist for raping you serially and mercilessly.

We need to break free from poverty of the mind. We need to set up fora where people who genuinely want a change can put heads together to find a way to permanently end corruption at all levels of government.

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