A lil’ positive comment could go a long way.

13 Mar

After a few hours outdoors this afternoon, I got back home. My gfolks were sitting on the verandah enjoying the weather. As I stepped in, gpa calls me back to park the car within the fence. Quickly, I got back outside and parked the car. As I walked towards the gate, the sun faced me directly. I pointed my phone camera at the sun and took a shot. I thought nothing about it. Soon the photo was my bbm display picture (it still is right now).
Some time after, I got a “nice dp” comment from Tolulope Israel. I replied “thanks” passively. Tolulope went on to say the picture was “creative & artistic”. Then I stopped and took a critical look at the photo and tried to see what was creative and artistic about it. Photography’s an aspect of Tolulope’s profession and I know he’s got a liking for nature photography. His comments made real meaning to me cos he’s into photography. I was glad and encouraged. He probably didn’t know what impact those comments made on me.

Put in a positive word today. You never can tell how high it will lift a soul.

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