Wanna share this with you. (from Collin Dye’s website)

12 Mar

I stumbled upon the link to this article (actually an interview) on facebook. I felt the need to share it with you. Enjoy!

Begins here.

It is interesting that the media, generally,
portrays Christianity as anti-sex. What would be your take on this?
Colin: I think that is one of the most important emphases that I put into the book. Christians, particularly evangelical Christians, are portrayed as being anti-sex and that is not the case. God is not anti-
sex; he invented it. He made the human bodies and gave us the rules and parameters by which sexual experience can flourish and the context, which is the
covenantal relationship between man and woman in marriage. Often, it is this that is ridiculed and pilloried by the press, many of whom are products of the 1960s’ so-called sexual revolution. You only have to look around our society today, to see the devastation that sex out of context has produced. So, the agenda of this book is to encourage believers and indeed non-believers, if they would read it, to re-examine what God has to say about sex.

You mention non-believers. Who is your target audience? Is it Christians, singles or young people?
Colin: My target audience is believers who are concerned about how to honour God with their sexuality. I hope to encourage people who may be struggling in certain areas to come and find a non-judgemental, non-condemning book that will encourage them to stay pure in the midst of a very challenging environment.

One of the things that you outline in the book is the spiritual dimension to sexuality. You mention soul ties. What are soul ties and why are they so dangerous?
Colin: Well, a soul tie is any strong emotional attachment to a person, a place, a situation or a memory. Its relevance in sex is that if you have sex with somebody, you are not just joining your body to another person; rather you can almost speak about a soul-attachment – an intermingling that comes through the sexual contact. The great fallacy of the modern age is to believe that we are just “body beings’. We are not just “body beings’; we are spirit, soul and body beings. What you do with one part of your personality will impinge upon the rest of your personality. And so soul ties can almost have the same force as demonic
bondage and people need to be set free from an emotional/spiritual bondage that can come through sex.

What would be your advice to people who
recognise their need to be set free from such bondage?
Colin: First, you need to confess the sin that you have been involved in, renounce all contact and association with the person involved, get rid of any kind of link with him/her, whether it is physical gifts or objects. Then come before God and ask him for his freedom and deliverance. If possible, it is sometimes better to receive ministry in this particular area and in my book Living Free! , I show how people can do this and experience freedom from soul ties.

Finally, Colin, what do you have to say to our readers who are single? Do you have any advise for them?
Colin: There is a chapter dedicated to single people and my advice to people who are single is make the most of God’s gift of singleness for as long as you remain single. Don’t think of it as bondage or a
problem. Rather, think of it as a gift from God because there is so much that you can do and achieve for God while you are single. You grow as an individual and
prepare yourself and your character for the Lord in preparation for marriage. The gift of singleness is a tremendous gift.

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