A Short Letter to Samson

09 Mar

Samson either sat across the table from me listening as I read this letter out or got it as a mail while thousands of kilometres away in his home country. Any which ways, he got the message, only a bit too late.
Dear Samson,

Must you always take a chic from the enemy? [At least] twice you kept a secret from your parents. These same secrets women extracted from you. You couldn’t care less about your consecration to God.
A Nazirite you were but it just didn’t register.

What kind of a letter would you call this? Formal, semi-formal or outright informal?
I’m asking ‘cos I’m not so sure how to sign. “Yours Sincerely”, “Yours truly” or what?!
Ko marra jo. The koko be say make he sha get my message anyhow.
Now you ask, “what’s the use writing a letter to someone who surely can’t benefit from it anymore? He’s lived his life out.”
I’m smiling as I answer “fine. Samson’s long been dead. Living folks today would benefit from this letter. So, I’m remaking the beginning of this letter to read ‘dear reader’.” Make sure it doesn’t “reach” you too late, when it would be useless – like it is to Samson right now.

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